At Ardverness we provide private paddock agistment with the greatest level of care and attention to detail. We truly believe that we provide the best level of care for you and your horse over any other centre in the area. We have several agistees that have been with us for many years.

Private Paddock Agistment Includes:

Price: $91 per week

  • Private paddock – a variety of paddock sizes are available depending on your horse’s needs
  • Field shelter
  • Outstanding pasture
  • Automatic water
  • Uniquely and carefully designed fencing to reduce risk of fence injuries
  • Top rugs on and off twice daily as required – further rugging services available upon request. *See details below on our rugging guidelines.
  • Horses hard fed and given hay twice per day – owner to provide feed and hay alternatively arrangements can be made upon request if you would prefer us to provide hay and feed (price by arrangement). We are able to assist you with formulating your horse’s diet by the experts at Kentucky Equine Research.


Additional benefits of agisting at Ardverness include access to:

  • Discounted feed
  • Discounted horse wear from various suppliers including Skye Park Rugs, Euro Horseware and JC’s Stocks.
  • Priority given to agistees to participate in exclusive Manolo Mendez Clinics


Additional Services


Private dressage and in-hand lesson with FEI trainer – all levels of riders and horses are more than welcome to have the occasional lesson or regular. Particular skills with:

  • Getting results with young or difficult horses without harsh methods
  • Clicker training
  • Increasing horse and rider confidence

$70 per 45 minutes



Once every two months Professor of Classical Dressage and EA Level 3 Coach Manolo Mendez teaches from Ardverness. Manolo and Jose Mendez are the only two clinicians we have using the property to ensure that facilities are available to our agistees as a priority.


Training and Show Preparation

Horses are occasionally taken for short and long-term training or show preparation – very limited places available.

$450 per week including agistment and feed


Competing and Showing

Horse’s ridden in competition or presented in-hand at both breed shows and open competition including and especially focused on dressage.

$100 per day (owner to prepare and travel horse)


Diet Analysis

With years of experience working for the leaders in equine nutrition Kentucky Equine Research, Marie is able to assist you with a variety of nutrition advice and feeding techniques. This service is complementary to all Ardverness agistees.


Our Portfolio

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